Algebraic Relationships

Knowingly or unknowingly we play a game of algebraic relationships Sometimes we become an Exponent (eg x raised to n) of someones life & change that person’s life (-ve or +ve) Sometimes we are just a coefficient (eg in 3x…

Forgive to Forget

Not all that is Forgotten is Forgiven, But all that is Forgiven needs to be Forgotten ————–Lajpat Shah

Elasticity of Relationship

Elasticity of Relationship as defined by Young’s Modulus E=tensil stress/extensional strain Stress=Amount of mental & physical load a mind has to bear other persons behaviour, intent & words Strain=Amount of emotional distress caused by such Stress (+,-,neutral) Categories of Elasticity…

Interactive Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s Law of day-to-day Interaction V = I * R I = QUALITY OF BAD INTERACTION ——Interaction in which one do not have control over the situation & have to listen to other person due to that person’s status like…

Dialogue of Selection

We ask what one thought, We said what one is, We cleared what’s unsaid, We sleep with what’s said, We wake up with more unsaid’s, Till one is confident in other self.

Fate Poem

Choice navigates thoughts to investigate, Uncertainty captivates & mind fabricates, Logic vindicates yet emotion bifurcates, Alas decision is a state which decides our fate. ——Lajpat

Concern Modulus

Modulus X ie |X| eg |-n| = n ie no negativity |Concern| = Sqrt (square of Real relationship + square of Imaginary misunderstandings)

Relationship Geometry

Relationships follow geometric formulae Strangers are strictly outside our mental perimeter eg Perimeter of Square=4a Later strangers become known acceptable individual to be in our area of comfort zone eg Area of Square=Sqr(a) Close relationships transforms 2D bond into 3D…

Mind’s Share

We may know the area we occupy in another person’s mind but are unsure about its volume. Volume defines one’s importance while area defines one’s interaction.

Interaction Wavelength

Wavelength = Wavelength is the distance between the crests of a wave = W Velocity = the speed that waves are moving in a direction =V Frequency = the wave crests that go through a point in a certain time…