Conscious Leisure

Leisure – a rare occurrence in my life is well utilized to strengthen my physical + mental foundation

  • I value being physically fit & flexible as it is reflected in one’s personality
  • I believe no concept/knowledge is esoteric as long as one can translate its meaning from one domain to another. Hence reading is one of my best leisure activity, fondly devour on a must have device (Kindle eReader). Thanks to Google, my online bookshelf is frequently updated. You can have a look at it here.
  • My perils & milestones brought out hidden talent to express myself in short verses as well as expounding philosophical reasoning through mathematical inferences. The joy of expressing the meaning/truth/observation through the juxtaposition of words makes the effort worthwhile in thinking about it in the first place. Cogent Insights & Compendium list’s the efforts uptil now
  • The attitude to learn the fundamentals generated high affinity for technological subjects as the field demands such an attitude. Transferring a learning from one domain to another builds a sound framework to tackle any newly introduced technology fearlessly. Presently I have completely invested my life in building products which can become integral part of people’s life.
  • It thrills me see in action the limitless capability of human imagination. The thrill is distinctly visible in animated & special effect movies (Incredibles, Tintin, LOTR, Avatar) I love Pixar, movies & shows having imaginative story line (Matrix series, Back to the Future series, Supernatural, Heroes), movies & shows which are fun to watch (Home Alone, God Must be Crazy, I Dream of Jennie, Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef Australia) & shows which are informative (How do they do it?, United Stats of America, Air crash investigation, Food Tech, Chew)
  • No living soul is alive without music. ABBA, Carpenter, Kenny G, Yanni, Madonna, Enya & many other mesmerizing tunes keeps my soul alive & refresh.

Spending leisure time in self development & sensible channels of entertainment is a pleasure I pursue consciously

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