Weird Curse of Repeating Pattern

History repeats itself, said someone. The worst is the feelings attached to the events keeps regenerating itself. Inertia creates momentum which generates distance forever. Cycle starts again in some another form but always ends with same outcome. Importance is indirectly proportional to familiarity…

A Journey Poem

Eyes wide open in the morning sun, Courage finely woven in daily fun Tested in rigours of life, Flew high mightier then strifes. Journeys forged in fellowship of minds Nights end with self to find Destiny builds lasting attachments Priorities…

Life’s Security Group

My Life’s Security Group Setting Inbound Rule Type-Conversation, Protocol-Sensible, Port-Ears, Source-Close Relations Type-Favours, Protocol-Respect, Port-Mind, Source-Any Human ( Outbound Rule Type-Commitment, Protocol-Trust, Port-Heart, Source-Empathy

Success as a Service

A concept as an impetus initiates a new life, thereby embarking one on a journey full of struggle A purposeful struggle to achieve one’s dream, rests souly on people willing to fulfill Knowledge & emotion fills each day, using intent as they may A future one daily weighs, to seek or…


It always seems impossible until its done-Nelson Mandela Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will-Nelson Mandela We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right-Nelson Mandela

Year’s Voyage

Another year makes a fleeting progress, imbibing many vagaries hard to digest Calculative additions were but an illusion, and genuineness life’s worst delusion Expectations & pace delves self into state of busyness, but life has in-store surprises beyond once readiness


No matter how much money one had, No matter how much talent one had, After our departure none of the above matters, What matters is the legacy of emotions one leaves behind for others to cherish ——-Lajpat

For All In All By All

I can’t run a race for all but i can stand at the end line for all i can’t inculcate responsibility in all but i can trust it is there in all I don’t expect importance of urgency be known…

Life’s FAQ’s

Below are few life’s frequently asked questions. Answers related to my life are simply stated as a matter of fact. It may not seem very exciting in comparison to what others indulge in nowadays. Analysis of that will be the topic…

To Follow Passion?

Its certainly not easy. Passion literally consumes oneself. Passion becomes life. Passion transcends work to entertainment. Passion brings out true personality of a human being & further enhancing dominant traits. Passion increases immunity against negativity & gives strength to endure…