Hubspot Inbound Sales Certified

Hubspot Inbound Sales Certified

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified

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Hubspot Inbound Certified

Hubspot Inbound Certified

Learned about Fundamentals of inbound business and methodology Growing Your Business With a Flywheel Model Creating a Company Purpose The Golden Circle Company culture Jobs Theory Setting Business Goals OKR framework Three horizon framework MSPOT Creating Buyer Personas Developing the…

Algebraic Relationships

Knowingly or unknowingly we play a game of algebraic relationships Sometimes we become an Exponent (eg x raised to n) of someones life & change that person’s life (-ve or +ve) Sometimes we are just a coefficient (eg in 3x…

Weird Curse of Repeating Pattern

History repeats itself, said someone. The worst is the feelings attached to the events keeps regenerating itself. Inertia creates momentum which generates distance forever. Cycle starts again in some another form but always ends with same outcome. Importance is indirectly proportional to familiarity…

Forgive to Forget

Not all that is Forgotten is Forgiven, But all that is Forgiven needs to be Forgotten ————–Lajpat Shah

A Journey Poem

Eyes wide open in the morning sun, Courage finely woven in daily fun Tested in rigours of life, Flew high mightier then strifes. Journeys forged in fellowship of minds Nights end with self to find Destiny builds lasting attachments Priorities…

Elasticity of Relationship

Elasticity of Relationship as defined by Young’s Modulus E=tensil stress/extensional strain Stress=Amount of mental & physical load a mind has to bear other persons behaviour, intent & words Strain=Amount of emotional distress caused by such Stress (+,-,neutral) Categories of Elasticity…

Life’s Security Group

My Life’s Security Group Setting Inbound Rule Type-Conversation, Protocol-Sensible, Port-Ears, Source-Close Relations Type-Favours, Protocol-Respect, Port-Mind, Source-Any Human ( Outbound Rule Type-Commitment, Protocol-Trust, Port-Heart, Source-Empathy

Interactive Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s Law of day-to-day Interaction V = I * R I = QUALITY OF BAD INTERACTION ——Interaction in which one do not have control over the situation & have to listen to other person due to that person’s status like…