Relationship Geometry

Relationships follow geometric formulae Strangers are strictly outside our mental perimeter eg Perimeter of Square=4a Later strangers become known acceptable individual to be in our area of comfort zone eg Area of Square=Sqr(a) Close relationships transforms 2D bond into 3D…

Mind’s Share

We may know the area we occupy in another person’s mind but are unsure about its volume. Volume defines one’s importance while area defines one’s interaction.

Interaction Wavelength

Wavelength = Wavelength is the distance between the crests of a wave = W Velocity = the speed that waves are moving in a direction =V Frequency = the wave crests that go through a point in a certain time…

Pressurize moment

P=pXgXh Where, pressure is P, the height is h, density is ρ, gravity is g Let P=pressure created by an issue p=complexity of that issue g=importance of that issue h=magnitude of that issue Hence absolute mental P at any given…

Own Self

In self the irrational & rational can talk to each other without minding its consequences. Own is the only known which one can never disown

Time Vector

Time is a vector having magnitude & direction If time is spent in right direction (eg not sleeping too much while working hahaha) with correct magnitude (ie doing max work in given hours ) then it can lead to desired…

Emotional Light

Emotions behave like dual properties of light. ie Wave + Particles In normal scenarios its predictability is defined by wave property of light ie rthymic oscillations of varying yet identifiable intensity. Danger zone is when it converts itself into particle…

Success as a Service

A concept as an impetus initiates a new life, thereby embarking one on a journey full of struggle A purposeful struggle to achieve one’s dream, rests souly on people willing to fulfill Knowledge & emotion fills each day, using intent as they may A future one daily weighs, to seek or…


It always seems impossible until its done-Nelson Mandela Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will-Nelson Mandela We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right-Nelson Mandela

World WiTZ Championship 2014

World WiTZ Championship 2014

We are laying down the ground work for introducing Elo rating & World WiTZ Championship 2014 on the similar lines as Chess & Othello Start practicing now to hone your skill for WiTZ Grand Master title