Combat of ShowCan

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Words of Destiny

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Is Monotony dispensable?

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Tradeoff Vs Compromise

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Why Irrationality Prevails? (My Best)

This is one of my best compendium written in flat approx 20 minutes While writing this article I experienced a sense of transcendence & words simply flew out as if I was destine as its channel of outcome. The conceptual…

Branding Human Relation

While studying Brand Management, I found a strong correlation between development of brand & human relation. It was like understanding one & relating it to the other seemlessly. View the post & click here to read

Economic Growth & Knowledge Co-relation

While studying international business, I was curious to know what made few countries economically advance. It lead me to create a hypothetical explanation which seems plausible at the outset but refutable nonetheless The equation may not be valid but the…

Why MBA?

This was a market research conducted by me & my friend as a project to understand why students opt for a MBA course. The inferences are quite revealing & sounds true, even though the sample size for the research was…

Concept of Theory

Mathematical formulation of what makes a theory View the post & click here to read

What is Busyness?

My very first articulation. I was intrigued by the claims people make at times about their state of busyness. Hence I thought to analyse what defines busyness. This also was the time when I was heavily influenced by the teachings…