Brand Identity

Word Curious defines me precisely

I have a technologically oriented mindset with relative tinge of common sense

Visual modality rules within; Intuition takes the lead

I have a strange admiration for symmetrical geometry

I also have a keen intent to know WHY & HOW of many processes & functions leading to Mastery of None

Change & Chaos, Cleanliness & Order, I embrace all such vagaries of life with some reluctance at times but always with full Commitment

Rhythmic Verses follows Logical Thoughts

Efficiency is the keyword I like to see in action

I strongly believe in the notion that each individual if given a viable set of environment can excel at any endeavor provided he/she has a will to do so

According to me, human progress & potential is reflected in the thoughts & belief frameworks one holds to make decisions

Concern, Trust & Respect takes precedence over intellect, money & status

For me, life is a peregrination till one sleep’s forever. Hence all the in-between drama is to ensure we pass the time fruitfully & possibly leave one’s mark in the history of human species as its catalyst of evolution

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