Elasticity of Relationship

Elasticity of Relationship as defined by Young’s Modulus

E=tensil stress/extensional strain

Stress=Amount of mental & physical load a mind has to bear other persons behaviour, intent & words
Strain=Amount of emotional distress caused by such Stress (+,-,neutral)

Categories of Elasticity
1) Work related relations depicts Linear correlation between stress & strain. ie do good for me I will be good with you & I will be happy & probably you may be too. Both person involve display high degree of Inelasticity towards their relationship

2) Close relations like family & close friends depicts curving relation. ie initially even a little Stress is too Strainful to manage but then over the course of time an equilibrium reaches where increase in Stress has less proportionate increase in Strain. It could also lead to Strain level remaining same for increasing level of Stress & vice versa. In short a non-linear correlation builds up depending upon the person one is dealing with. Displays Medium to high degree of Elasticity

3) Love relation depicts a very low level of Strain against any variation of Stress. Displays infinite degree of Elasticity since Strain is extremely low. Evolutionary equilibrium elasticity to build a family, at least in a monogamy state of affairs