Interaction Wavelength

Wavelength = Wavelength is the distance between the crests of a wave = W

Velocity = the speed that waves are moving in a direction =V

Frequency = the wave crests that go through a point in a certain time =F

W = Velocity / Frequency

Let W=Wavelength of Tolerance. Longer the wavelength stronger the bond

V=Speed of understanding other person. Faster one understands results in less stress

F=Amount of decisions one has to make at a given moment of time.

So W is a variable state of an interaction depending upon understanding & conveying that understanding + additional responsibilities to serve at a given time.

When F is less W is more.
When V is more W is more.

A critical state of maintaining harmonic waves is when V>F W is still not at its resonant wavelength.

And very stressful state is when F>V wherein W is in erratic state of occurrence