Algebraic Relationships

Knowingly or unknowingly we play a game of algebraic relationships

Sometimes we become an Exponent (eg x raised to n) of someones life & change that person’s life (-ve or +ve)

Sometimes we are just a coefficient (eg in 3x 3 is coefficient). ie we have importance but it is still less than exponent. Coefficient value may remain same but the ones part of that coefficient may change.

Sometimes we are a powerful operator (eg plus, division, multiply). We govern other person’s emotions & thinking. Same person may play different operator role with different individuals. eg Some may play a multipying operator in their family but become division operator in a company

Sometimes we are merely a constant. whose value is only meant to balance equation for the sake of it. Whose importance is merely functional.

Like this when we equate all the components of our relational terms, we are left with our existential polynomial

Mine = 0 a constant connoting self.