WiTZ – History in the Making


This message is for all Mummy’s & Papa’s, Uncle’s & Aunt’s, Brother’s & Sister’s & those remaining falling under Fellow Human Being’s.

In our childhood we were taught many different types of board games like Chess, Monopoly, Chinese Checkers, Scrabble, Othello, Cluedo etc. All these games at some point of time were unknown to many, but with interest in them it started to gain popularity. Today many of these games are considered in a “Must Play” category by kids as well as by adults.

Some games are meant to develop our mental acumen, sharp memory, understanding life’s basics, test our existing knowledge etc. Hence many of these games are consider as an integral part of our upbringing.

We aspire to see our game WiTZ & WiTZ Turf as a part of “Must Play” category.

Both games are very easy to learn with only a couple of rules to follow & both of them are awesome to develop mental acumen just like Chess & Othello. Soothing colors in the game creates less strain on the eyes & one can concentrate on strategy without any fatigue. This is especially good for kids.

In future, we will be introducing World WiTZ Championship on the similar line as Chess & Othello.

All this can only happen if you can try our game, assess its capability & recommend to others in your circle. Our best advertisement will be when every parent will want their kids to learn & play WiTZ & WiTZ Turf

Explore & Download WiTZ Turf at http://curioussolutions.in/apps/WiTZ/

Everything after all starts from a small base!