WiTZ - Half to Full, Whiz will Rule!

WiTZ – Half to Full, Whiz will Rule!

Do you love Chess, Othello, Reversi, Checkers, Go or Abalone? Does strategizing thrills you?

Look no further! WiTZ™ will challenge your strategizing skills to the limits! With a variety of gameplays & options available, WiTZ™ is set to make a mark in the history of board games.

With over 100000+ downloads already on all devices & still going strong, WiTZ is gaining popularity among board game fanatics, eagerly joining the growing community of WiTZer’s

WiTZ™ is a smart reinvention of a popular Strategy based board game Othello & Reversi.

Explore & Download WiTZ at http://curioussolutions.in/apps/WiTZ/