Its natural to judge simplicity as lack of zest, but the real zest is in the thoughts behind being simple.

Seeking excitement in external avenue is an in-born desire in every human being, but it is a fleeting means to keep oneself excited.

Fear to lose control of one’s life is a powerful emotion that no level of possible happiness can overpower.

Lifestyle is created through our daily activities & those which gives immediate satisfaction shapes our avenues of pleasure & more specific to today’s generation avoidance of boredom

One becomes the pursuer of pleasure & controller of pain by pegging life’s emotion to mutable foundation of lifestyle.

If at all a habitual lifestyle is snatched away, life suddenly feels hollow & purposeless. It may also affect self-ego & image to an extent that the one may lose the zest to live.

Lifestyle is a function of Time, Money & Desire. Each element of lifestyle shapes our personality & our indulgence.

Each element has strong external source of control over our life. eg Desires are created by constant exposure to new avenues of life through various channels of communication. Time is dependent upon the responsibility in the form of work load & social & self commitments. Money is dependent upon the source of income & existing debt.

And importantly each of these 3 elements are also dependent upon each other. Money can provide Time & Desire, Desire can force to use limited Money & Time, Limited Time may restrict pursuing of Desires etc

Hence human beings gravitates towards those who share similar lifestyle, since a mismatched lifestyle can create lots of stress. But this is more due to lack of understanding & priority set.

This is more aptly seen in case of marriages. Since the very first thing a partner can easily assess is the compatibility in lifestyle. Who & how the person is, derived through the way he/she lives a particular lifestyle. Its obviously natural for anybody to see this as direct assessment of short term compatibility since thought process values what external avenues are common to continue the quest in seeking pleasure as the other person is an unknown entity. The threat of losing one’s lifestyle is a strong emotion which takes precedence over mind.

Lifestyle is the reference one seeks to fill up 24hours whereby every pleasure is comparatively assumed to be better than previous experience, the pleasure is relative to the one who or one which gave. That’s why the phrases “I am very happy”, “This is the best day of my life” etc further gives credence to a particular type of lifestyle one decides to pursue.

In this era of consumerism lifestyle is theĀ indulgenceĀ of choices & freedom to pursue the same. Compatibility is a matter of understanding & respecting the difference yet feeling the need to be together.

Its not what one does to live together, but it is why should one do something to live together.