Life’s FAQ’s

Below are few life’s frequently asked questions.

Answers related to my life are simply stated as a matter of fact. It may not seem very exciting in comparison to what others indulge in nowadays. Analysis of that will be the topic of my next blog.


Q) What do you do on a weekend?

A) Because I enjoy my work so much I don’t feel like seeking alternative avenues which can rejuvenate me. Hence the concept of weekend is little different from others. I either spend my time in reading books, articles or tutorials, watch  TV shows or movies & most importantly grab some extra sleeping time.

Q) Don’t you go out with your friends?

A) Well the equation of being part of a friend circle has undergone a drastic change in last few years. Not that I have become a complete loner but distance & being an odd man out has changed my social engagements. Not that I am regretting it, but simply stating it as a matter of fact. Fortunately there are few in whose radii of physical distance & mental comfort zone I am still considered gracefully.

Q) Do you like to watch movies?

A) This question puts forth, the way one spends its time in pursuit of entertainment irrespective of its depth of frivolousness. I disdain mindless stories, utterly senseless jokes & watching any movies just for the sake of it to pass life’s precious resource, TIME. Of course I do enjoy watching movies but my genre comprises of some creative, sensitive to social cause, intellectual, technically advanced & not so easily perceivable story lines. eg Animation movies, Back To The Future, Matrix, In Time, The Help, The Artist, Avatar etc. Such preference’s, filters out lot many releases especially in case of Bollywood, 3 hours minimum well saved.

Q) Do you listen to music?

A) Who doesn’t? Music is the rhythm of soul. Evolutionary we are born with humming our own musical beats. The question should be what kind of song’s or music one like’s? The reason why its easy to assess personality with the question of movies & not with the music is that music cannot be verbalized & hence cannot be categorized in strictest sense. A person can like classical as well as hard rock if he gets to hear a good note in both. One mistake which we do in our colloquial conversation is that we consider song=music. Music tunes at subconscious level while song’s being verbal doesn’t.

Q) What kind of jokes you like? (this is one question nobody ask but I WOULD LIKE TO ASK)

A) Jokes are a barometer of one’s intellect. The level of jokes which makes us to laugh shows our acceptance level of connections of more than one seemingly exclusive existing knowledge. Jokes makes us to laugh by making us to connect in split seconds different streams of knowledge (facts in general). Important is knowledge & not thoughts should be present, then only connections can be made in the mind of the person. Hence many jokes related to say science are esoteric in nature because the knowledge is not present in everybody. Today’s TV serials & movies are literally insulting & degrading our intellect by expecting us to laugh at their acts. Jokes defines the society & seeing current acceptance level of jokes in our society we are seriously in a psychological trouble. We are encouraging thoughtless humors & hence a shallow knowledge connections. This is more due to the fact that we tend to stop learning after a certain stage in life & we start conforming to social groups as fall back for passing time. Jokes are a building block of our future generation.

Q) What do you do besides work? Tell me something about yourself?

A) Are such open-ended questions meant for to check one’s self-worth? And what are we expected to tell? Who in their senses would say anything negative about oneself? And who will miss the chance to impress? These questions are normally asked when there are no purposeful questions in sight. These questions may display level of one’s self ego or how active one is in various social norms. Answers to such questions are more like packaging, if they look good then inside it must be good. Such questions should be replaced by specific one’s to get deeper understanding of a person. Exploratory questions are always analyse subjectively & when it is subjective it is always assess using analyzer’s self ego.

Q) Do you like to travel?

A) Exploration of physical spaces has gain huge momentum in recent years. International tours are kind of an expected addition in your resume. My resume is small in comparison to others. Which makes me to think at what level a travel satisfies us? To what extent an exploration of physical space is different from an exploration of knowledge space? In the end both are sealed in one’s mind. Photographs are merely a physical to mental/emotional link just like QR Code is a link between physical to digital.

Q) What are your hobbies?

A) In current world with so many leisure activities to pursue, what is one’s status of hobbies in comparison to others. People like to shoot wildlife, go hiking, drive to unseen places etc. So if one is not pursuing any of such popular hobbies then is one living a dull life?


Believing & Doing is the art of life, rest all is ……..