WiTZ & WiTZ Turf – Play Now on Facebook

WiTZ has gone social!

Now play the game of wits on your favorite social networking platform ‘Facebook’. Challenge your friends with WiTZ Coins & Share the Honor on your newsfeed.

WiTZ: https://apps.facebook.com/witzwhiz/

WiTZ Turf : https://apps.facebook.com/witzturf/


WiTZ Facebook Feature

1) Earn bonus WiTZ Coins everyday

2) Bonus Energy after every 2 minutes

3) Challenge your friends or AI with WiTZ Coins

4) Raise your Challenge as game progresses

5) Invite your friends

6) Become WiTZ’s Whiz & let your friends know the same through Leaderboard


Give it a try & let us know about your experience.