FEAR not of RAMIFICATIONS affecting you FEAR of you not being the CAUSE

Entire Life we make decisions based on choices being Important vs Relevant

Opportunity = Perception

Philosophy of LIFE is its Anagram ie FILE So ADD MODIFY DELETE & Beautify your LIFE as you do to any of your FILES

Life is an process of Recognition, Balancing & Coping with the inputs

EARNING = Derivative of LEARNING with respect to L LEARNING = Integral of EARNING * dL

I am an Android Droid Programmed to be a Loid Coding an application without a heading As intent is to write an app for my wedding Listing all acitivity‘s in relativelayout As life never follows a linearlayout Debugging Wish.notManifested.Exception error So as to succeed in installing…

Coining terms to govern one’s thought process is quite effective This one for myself > SIMPLICITY + UTILITY =SIMPUTILITY

Possibilities are many, But resources are few Interactions are canny, and tempers are stew  Unlike a punchline,Were words are few Life progresses only when actions are new

Occurrence of events in present akin to many fragmented past Creating an urge to make a different future but not so fast  In absolute terms, fundamentals are strong But relatively every move seems to be wrong Generating many possible course’s…