No matter how ignorant we may be about financial theories, but we too analyse Expectations of an event by evaluating Payback Period & Net Present Value of all possibilities

Every system on these planet has a fundamental inherent flaw in it to keep itself in the state of continuity

Effects = Double Derivative of Cause wrt Time and Space

Activity of mind is a function of 3 basic parameters….. a) X-axis = Time b) Y-axis = Relativity c) Z-axis = Absoluteness …..Only for Relativity we need the dimension of Time Consider “Jack of all but Master of one” This…

We always struggle between the notion of things which are NECESSARY &/Or SUFFICIENT

We are always working to reduce information asymmetry due to which we constantly try to access any situation based on AMOUNT OF INFORMATION & CERTAINTY OF INFORMATION

LIFE is all about Realignments

FEAR not of RAMIFICATIONS affecting you FEAR of you not being the CAUSE

Entire Life we make decisions based on choices being Important vs Relevant

Opportunity = Perception