For – Give & Get

English is an awesome language of revelation hidden in the rhythmic concoction of words. Sometimes it makes me to think whether it is a “Da Vinci” type code language meant to be discovered by those curious minds who likes to delve into its etymological & philosophical existence.

Forgive & Forget though not rhythmic but it’s intent is so pertinently associated with the personality of its source & its recipient.

  • Forgive – FOR someone to GIVE. Forgiveness is an act of giving. The source kind of releases the negative emotion associated with event to be forgive. Inherently it can only be done by an act of detachment. It doesn’t matter whether the recipient asked for it or not. If the source cannot detach itself then the act of forgiveness is only perfunctory.
  • Forget –


Not all that is Forgotten is Forgiven,

But all that is Forgiven needs to be Forgotten