Probability Grid

Probability Grid

Multiplication of (A) & (B) can be explained as

Expectation Grid

Expectation Grid

We should always be aware of two important things when we talk of EXPECTATION


Anagram of CARE is ACRE The more we care the more acre in relationship is covered thereby expanding the bonding

Rating Scale

Mind evaluates absence & presence of entity in following scaling order a) Presence in Nominal, Ordinal, Rating & Interval b) Absence in Nominal, Rating, Interval & Ordinal Order determines happiness

W6H Q’s

WHO WHEN WHERE WHICH are because of WHAT WHAT follows from WHY WHY is due to the process of HOW HOW is amazingly a EUREKA ie a mystery, random event


Journey in life happens because of confinement eg by car, by train, by airplane, even a walk on the road is confined to some narrow path Experts & Specialist also grow due to confinement in some domain Hence confinement acts…


When NEED is fulfilled we reach to the state of EDEN (Delight) EDEN is the anagram of NEED


Extent of one’s EVOLUTION, is determined by depth of REALIZATION, which is due to the extent of TOLERANCE for UNCERTAINTY Tolerance in turn depends upon amount of PATIENCE held Hence due to law of transitivity EVOLUTION = PATIENCE


Life is a Linear Programming Problem (LPP) were we have to a) Maximize Immeasurable entities like Happiness, Love etc b) Using Measurable but Uncontrollable constraints like Time, Money etc Thus LIFE HAS MULTI OPTIMAL SOLUTIONS


Mind (Life) of mine is like a Line, getting stuck at times at a point But joining these points makes a Line, forget not this, my Mind