Superstition is the mind-created causal relation between 2 seemingly mutually exclusive events. The premises of such creation is due to the most fundamental human emotion, FEAR. Its a way to assign the lose of control & hence the consequences, on…

Binary Dangers

Right – Wrong— The only binary event i wish mankind can use sparingly as it feeds our belief feedback system non-linearly forcing to categorize uneccessarily

M & W

Bifurcation is expected in 2 most common aspect of any male’s life ie Money & Wife Ironically M is symmetrically opposite of W

Rhythmic Life

Understanding is Sagacious Emotion is Mendacious Love is Gracious Control is Lubricious Alas the fact is….Life is Precious

Binary Fundamental

Evolution is like a number system We start with decimal base & can traverse over octa, hexa & binary (Fundamental state) base But upon dwelling along binary base its difficult to comprehend higher level base

L By C

A duration in a Life’s journey can be expressed as a Probabilistic outcome of LBC * LBC LBC = Labour (Mental and/or Physical) By Choice  LBC = Luck By Chance

Programme based Friendship

Any friendship can be categorized based on type of computer programmes a) Operating System – Further categorization can be done using type of OS eg MacOS which is cool b) Utilities eg Disk Defragmenter c) Entertainment eg Media Player d)…

License for Silence

Anagram of Silence is License Thus silence gives license to analyse sense of direction of our existence

Distance Grid

Distance Grid

Sign Grid

Sign Grid

Relationship between 2 individuals can be identified with reference to the domain of signs (verbal, non verbal, perceptive etc)