Blunder Wonder

Blunders are at times outcome of wonder forcing us to wonder who is the founder of the wonder causing the blunder


Life at any given point of time equals extent of consistency with self  as well as with others Consistency is defined as sustainability & growth of a given domain of thought

Mind Calculus

Our mind fluctuates between two operators namely integration & derivation of xn with respect to x,  where n = dimension & x = thoughts If more of integration is performed then we work at higher dimension & hence are capable to…


Genesis has inherent connotation of limits of mental or physical suffering / tolerance / pain

Nature’s Flow

Nature seeks neither action nor non-action It only seeks continuous flow Through both it achieves this flow


Perception is the best example of Duality having the connotation of confinement as well as non-confinement


Realization of CONCEPTUAL VOID is most difficult phenomenon to comprehend


To control our life we either try to BREAK free from some events or put a BRAKE on some events Ironically BREAK & BRAKE are anagram of each other


In FINITE only we can seek INFINITE Duality been finite creates reality having infinite representations per se

Dimensional Entities

Any dimensionless entity has infinite continuous existence compared to those which has dimension. Thus feelings belongs to dimensionless domain eg. Happiness, but thinking do not (generally perceived belief) Hence there is limits to thinking which is not true (Epistemology) And…