True understanding begins with the task of realization Only in the act of realization we thrive & grow


Any organization can become a learning organization if it can handle 3 aspects of its People namely….. a) Salary b) Satisfaction c) Employability


Survival = f(Growth) meaning to survive tomorrow I have to grow today


No matter how ignorant we may be about financial theories, but we too analyse Expectations of an event by evaluating Payback Period & Net Present Value of all possibilities

Flaw Is Good

Every system on these planet has a fundamental inherent flaw in it to keep itself in the state of continuity

E=d/dtds (C)

Effects = Double Derivative of Cause wrt Time and Space

Master of Jack

Activity of mind is a function of 3 basic parameters….. a) X-axis = Time b) Y-axis = Relativity c) Z-axis = Absoluteness …..Only for Relativity we need the dimension of Time Consider “Jack of all but Master of one” This…


We always struggle between the notion of things which are NECESSARY &/Or SUFFICIENT

Information Asymmetry

We are always working to reduce information asymmetry due to which we constantly try to access any situation based on AMOUNT OF INFORMATION & CERTAINTY OF INFORMATION


LIFE is all about Realignments