Seek Duality

Whenever we get stuck in a repetitive thought process, seek duality phenomenon Duality is Reality

Cut Short

A relation is cut short when equivalent commitment is cut short

Sudden Realization

The Realization of an excellent companion is felt in his/her absence as much as in his/her presence

Chaotic Mind

Conscious mind is the example of a chaotic system It seeks transitory equilibrium through the dependence on internal as well as external variables which themselves are random in nature

MR Tech

(For Research People) Our decision is a Discriminant analysis Our choices are based on MDS (Multi-Dimensional Scaling) Our evaluation is the result of Conjoint analysis Our expectations are due to Regression analysis Our understanding is Cluster analysis Our considerations are…


How Naive Is The Human Mind That It Openly Appreciates The Achievements Of Others But None Of Its Own


Indifference & Neglect often do much more damage than outright Dislike – Albus Dumbledor


Anagram of Time is Emit i.e. energy Thus lesser we perceive time for a given task more energy is emitted by us to create a state of Haste


Past bad judgement’s of others & hence their ability to take new judgement’s does not mean that those new judgements are also good for present & future Judgement’s are contextual in nature Generalization drains down the uniqueness of an event

3C of Buziness

Any organization in the current scenario needs to have expertise in 3C’s….. a) ┬áHandling of Complexity b) Communication c) People Commitment (I call Employees as People)