Year of News

A conceptual entity known as Calender creating an event through a New Beginning resolving to trigger change in the Bayesian Game known as Life Change being a constant, life needs an Exponential trigger thereby Integrating the Past to a progressive…

Programming Life

Programming is astrophysics equivalent of Black Hole – It literally alters the time frame Lesson learned – Treat every aspect of Life as a module to be programmed to work in conjunction with external & internal assets Create an application…

Urge to Create/Make

Stop going for the easy buck and start producing something with your life. Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others—Carl Fox in Wall Street Movie Thats the precise theme gaining momentum in my life Need to…

Tech Reincarnation

Decade old errant has made me to realize how much do I enjoy being involved in Technological related domains Finding my way back into it, where I vibrate at resonant frequency & feel like life is in flow It has…

Android Droid

I am an Android Droid Programmed to be a Loid Coding an application without a heading As intent is to write an app for my wedding Listing all acitivity‘s in relativelayout As life never follows a linearlayout Debugging Wish.notManifested.Exception error So as to succeed in installing…


Coining terms to govern one’s thought process is quite effective This one for myself > SIMPLICITY + UTILITY =SIMPUTILITY

Time To Act

Possibilities are many, But resources are few Interactions are canny, and tempers are stew  Unlike a punchline,Were words are few Life progresses only when actions are new

Gift Or Curse

Occurrence of events in present akin to many fragmented past Creating an urge to make a different future but not so fast  In absolute terms, fundamentals are strong But relatively every move seems to be wrong Generating many possible course’s…

Gyroscope Malfunctioning

Crisis Situation! Absoluteness Gone For A Toss Fighting For Survival With Growth In Sight Zenith’s Visibility 100%…Must Have Reached Nadir Commencing Circuitous Peregrination Once Again Seeking Zero Gravitation-The Ultimate Experience

Supernatural Is Born

Birth of a child in the zodiac month of Libra, Cursed with Balance Scale as it’s prerogative trait, Burdened further with the symmetrical geometry of birth digit, A never ending flow of Zenith & Nadir